2018 FIFA World Cup Complete Match Schedule in Indian Time (IST)

June 11, 2017

2018 FIFA World Cup Complete Match Schedule in Indian Time (IST)

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2018 FIFA World Cup Complete Match Schedule in Indian Time (IST)
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2018 Fifa World Cup Complete Match Schedule in Indian Standard Time (IST) is announced. This is the 21st edition of FIFA World Cup, which will be hosted in Russia. All the matches are schedule from 14th June to 15th July 2018. This is biggest soccer carnival in world contesting in every fourth year.

Thirty Two national teams, selected from members of associations of FIFA will be participated in 2018 FIFA World Cup, through the eight groups. There are total of 64 matches in 2018 FIFA World Cup hosting in Russia.

According to Indian Standard Time (IST), 2018 FIFA World Cup Match will be started on 14th June 2018. Hosting Nation, Russia will play the first on opening day at 08:30pm Indian Time. Indian Standard Time (IST) is +5:30 GMT.

After the success of our previous post, FIFA 2014 World Cup Schedule in Indian Standard Time, Indiancrux.info created a useful schedule, Match calendar of FIFA 2018 World Cup in Indian Standard Time. Stay tuned with us for the downloadable JPG, PDF formatted World Cup Schedules.

2018 FIFA World Cup Downloadable Schedule in All Format (JPEG, PDF)

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Because of the 70K peoples views to that post, indiancrux.info planned to create complete match schedule of 2018 FIFA World Cup, Hosting in Russia, in Indian Standard Time.

2018 FIFA World Cup Groups and Teams

Group AGroup BGroup CGroup D
Saudi ArabiaSpainAustraliaIceland
Group EGroup FGroup GGroup H
Costa RicaSwedenTunisiaColombia
SerbiaSouth KoreaEnglandJapan

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - First Round

As usual, tournament has 32 participants divided in to eight groups as each groups consist of four teams. First round matches are scheduled between 14th June and 28th June. First round is a groups stage tournament, which is played as league format.

Two teams, who score more points from each group will advance to second round. Here is the complete match schedule of First round of 2018 FIFA World Cup in Indian Standard Time (IST).
Group Stage : 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
114 June 201808:30pmRussia--Saudi Arabian/a
215 June 201805:30pmEgypt--Uruguayn/a
315 June 201808:30pmMorocco--Irann/a
415 June 201811:30pmPortugal--Spainn/a
516 June 201803:30pmFrance--Australian/a
616 June 201809:30pmArgentina--Icelandn/a
716 June 201806:30pmPeru--Denmarkn/a
817 June 201812:30amCroatia--Nigerian/a
917 June 201805:30pmCosta Rica--Serbian/a
1017 June 201808:30pmGermany--Mexicon/a
1117 June 201811:30pmBrazil--Switzerlandn/a
1218 June 201805:30pmSweden--South Korean/a
1318 June 201808:30pmBelgium--Panaman/a
1418 June 201811:30pmTunisia--Englandn/a
1519 June 201805:30pmColombia--Japann/a
1619 June 201808:30pmPoland--Senegaln/a
1719 June 201811:30pmRussia--Egyptn/a
1820 June 201805:30pmPortugal--Moroccon/a
1920 June 201808:30pmUruguay--Saudi Arabian/a
2020 June 201811:30pmIran--Spainn/a
2121 June 201805:30pmDenmark--Australian/a
2221 June 201808:30pmFrance--Perun/a
2321 June 201811:30pmArgentina--Croatian/a
2422 June 201805:30pmBrazil--Costa Rican/a
2522 June 201808:30pmNigeria--Icelandn/a
2622 June 201811:30pmSerbia--Switzerlandn/a
2723 June 201805:30pmBelgium--Tunisian/a
2823 June 201808:30pmSouth Korea--Mexicon/a
2923 June 201811:30pmGermany--Swedenn/a
3024 June 201805:30pmEngland--Panaman/a
3124 June 201808:30pmJapan--Senegaln/a
3224 June 201811:30pmPoland--Colombian/a
3325 June 201807:30pmUruguay--Russian/a
3425 June 201807:30pmSaudi Arabia--Egyptn/a
3525 June 201811:30pmIran--Portugaln/a
3625 June 201811:30pmSpain--Moroccon/a
3726 June 201807:30pmDenmark--Francen/a
3826 June 201807:30pmAustralia--Perun/a
3926 June 201811:30pmNigeria--Argentinan/a
4026 June 201811:30pmIceland--Croatian/a
4127 June 201805:30pmMexico--Swedenn/a
4227 June 201807:30pmSouth Korea--Germanyn/a
4327 June 201811:30pmSerbia--Braziln/a
4427 June 201811:30pmSwitzerland--Costa Rican/a
4528 June 201807:30pmJapan--Polandn/a
4628 June 201807:30pmSenegal--Colombian/a
4728 June 201810:30pmPanama--Tunisian/a
4828 June 201811:30pmEngland--Belgiumn/a

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - Round of 16

Round of 16 - (Knock Out Round) : 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
5030 June 201807:30pmWinner A--Runner-up Bn/a
4930 June 201811:30pmWinner C--Runner-up Dn/a
5101 July 201807:30pmWinner B--Runner-up An/a
5201 July 201811:30pmWinner D--Runner-up Cn/a
5302 July 201807:30pmWinner E--Runner-up Fn/a
5402 July 201811:30pmWinner G--Runner-up Hn/a
5503 July 201807:30pmWinner F--Runner-up En/a
5603 July 201811:30pmWinner H--Runner-up Gn/a

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - Quarter Final

Quarter Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
5706 July 201807:30pmWinner 49--Winner 50n/a
5806 July 201811:30pmWinner 53--Winner 54n/a
6007 July 201807:30pmWinner 55--Winner 56n/a
5907 July 201811:30pmWinner 51--Winner 52n/a

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - Semi Final

Semi Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
6110 July 201811:30pmWinner 57--Winner 58n/a
6211 July 201811:30pmWinner 59--Winner 60n/a

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - Play Off

Looses Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
6314 July 201807:30pmLoser 61--Looser 62n/a

2018 FIFA World Cup Match Schedule in Indian Time - Final Match

Final: 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST
#noDateTime(IST)Team AScoreTeam BResult
6415 July 201808:30pmWinner 61--Winner 62n/a

Qualifiers of 2018 FIFA World Cup - Russia

Costa Rica
Korea Republic
Saudi Arabia


  1. The fantastic groups of the world cup 2018.which team will win the world cup.I support Argentina for Messi.The game is not so late ,Let the game begins.

    1. Spot on, Messi deserves the winning title under his belt to become one the greatest of all time!

  2. wow thank you for the timing will be great to watch :)

  3. at final match WINNER - 61 VS WINNER - 63 !

    1. Actually match 63 is looser's final that is play off match. Final matches will be played between the winners of Two Semi Finals.

      Semi final matches are Match no 61 and Match no 62

      so the winners of semi final (61 and 62) will play final and losers will play the play off match to become third place

  4. Thank you Abdul Basheer for creating the time table chart...

  5. Finally the timings are more congenial for Indian viwership this time

  6. Match #63 there is a correction : Team B should be Loser - 62 and NOT Winner - 62

    1. Thank you for your valuable suggestions !

  7. How to download Excel or pdf files if I don't have access to blogger.com

  8. is there something wrong with match no 49 and 50 and there timings? Mine view is that match no 49 should have 7.30pm and no 50 should have 11.30 pm.

    1. Hi Bro,

      According to FIFA, Match numbers are not in order with match timing. See FIFA Official site or Wikipedia, You can see the match no 50 (Group C Winner vs Group D Runner-Up) is coming before match no 49.

      Ok I am re-writing my 2018 FIFA World Cup Schedule in IST in Timing order, not in Match number

      Thank You for Your valuable comments


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